About Peaked Interest Products

When we set up Peaked Interest we took a decision to try and source all our products in the UK. And, wherever possible use suppliers close to where we live in the peak District National Park. We can tell you that it would have been much easier to have our photography turned into items for sale in some anonymous off-shore factory on the continent or even in the far east.

We think that the time and effort we invested in sourcing raw materials and finished products in the UK is worth it for several reasons:

  • We are supporting local businesses and the local economy
  • We are able to build relationships with our suppliers that ensure consistency and quality
  • We can deliver custom orders faster than waiting for overseas shipments
  • All of the above is great for the environment because it reduces waste due to our great working relationships with suppliers, and it reduces transport costs and fuel usage

Right now we source all our products in the UK. Most from within 12 miles of where we live and even manufacture some ourselves.

That all makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Buy from us and you can feel all warm and fuzzy too.

Carol & David